7 Different Lockers For Different Office Needs

A storage locker has always been one of the important amenities that an organization never fails to invest in. From saving time, energy and space to bringing in an air of organization in the office premises, a locker has many advantages to look forward to. Starting from the files and folders to the products that the company deals in and the belongings of the employees; all get a place of their own with a storage locker in the premises.


Gone are the days where “one size fits all” has moved on to “bespoke services and products”. The world of storage lockers too have started making customized products that cater to the different needs and requirements of the people. Even when you are looking forward to investing in office lockers premises you can very well stumble upon a variety of options. Be it in terms of functionalities, size, color or stature; the options are available in a large quantity. Having said this, mobile lockers, PPE lockers and laptop lockers are a few varieties that you will come across in the world of storage solutions. Today, let me take you through a few storage options that will help you in catering to the specific needs of the employees. Read on to find out about them.

Different lockers for different needs :

1. Mobile lockers :

When employees are encouraged to keep their mobile phones away you make it easy for them to concentrate on their work. You could make it even more convenient for your employees by assigning a separate mobile locker where they are guaranteed of their device’s safety. Mobile lockers are one of the best storage solutions that help in not only providing a place to mobile devices, but also looking after its safety and security.

2. Laptop lockers :

Laptops are yet another personal device that an employee would be carrying or is deemed to carry in the office premises. How about assigning a separate locker for this device too? A laptop locker with a charging point could be the best amenity that an organization could invest upon. The employees need not worry about looking after the safety of their laptops when it is in charging mode.

3. Specialist lockers :

Talking about specialist lockers these lockers are designed for the specific needs of the employees. A locker that has been designed for the disabled so that it becomes easy for them to access the locker. The PPE lockers are yet another important specialist locker that provides an abode to all the Personal Protection Equipments that the employees are required to wear during their working hours. Hence, a specialist locker works best when you have some special needs of your employees to be considered.

4. Small storage lockers :

The small storage lockers are yet another important storage solution that cannot be missed. If your office premise is running out of space, yet you are in a dire need of a storage facility, small storage lockers could be a perfect choice. It occupies just a little space. Moreover, you can also move them as per your convenience. From employee’s personal belongings to storing important files and folders to the petty things that an organization could ever come up, gets a storage facility of its own.

5. Clear door lockers :

Clear door lockers could be one of the best choices if you want a high visibility storage solution in the office premises. This kind of locker can be used at places where you want to impend the storage of illegal or harmful things. As one can see what the employees are storing, the management need not worry about hazardous items being used in the office premises. It also saves the employee’s time as they need not look around for their stored things due to the clear visibility feature.

6. POD lockers :

Probe POD lockers have been designed with a dash of creativity to boost up its functionality. It gracefully emotes the added space-saving advantage. These kind of lockers are made in such a way that they get to boost up the number of compartments in the locker room. One more storage option available if your office premise does not entertain enough space for a large amount of locker. Signified with sloping tops and rotating base these lockers are an ideal choice for your office environment.

7. Climate controlled storage locker :

Climate controlled storage locker can be best defined as a locker solution that disciplines the atmosphere of the storage solution to take care of the things that are stored in it. A climate controlled storage locker can be used to store things that are sensitive to the extreme climate changes. Good air circulation, shelter from dust particles, humidity control, etc. are some of the advantages that a climate controlled storage locker brings in. Important files, electronics, antiques, etc. are some of the things that are vulnerable to climate changes and need a climate controlled storage locker for maintaining their well-being.

Final Note :

It will indeed be a wise decision to invest in storage lockers for office as you get to win the trust of the employees along with bringing in a sense of discipline. Above-mentioned are some of the locker options that cater to the different storage needs of an organization. Make a detailed study of these lockers so that you know which locker option would be the best for the employees before finalizing your decision.

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