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Garment Dispenser/Collector

Garment Dispensers are designed for the easy and efficient management of the distribution work clothing and  uniforms. The dispensers are available in 5, 10 and 15 compartment models and all have the clever feature of a double lock and hinge mechanism which means that the external door frame surrounds all of the compartments creating a single service door which opens all compartments together with one lock and key meaning that new and clean garments can be distributed quickly and easily. The individual compartment remain secure and can only be opened by the allocated owner. The service door and individual compartments are keyed from different lock series types.

The Garment collector  is a large "Post Box" style locker which makes it easy for the placement and collection of soiled or dirty garmentsafter use ready for removal to be cleaned and reissued.

Garment Dispenser/Collector