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Office Lockers Supplier UK

The provision of Office lockers is a requirement for most business’ to offer your staff somewhere to safely store personal equipment. From the smallest office to the largest call centre and every changing room or cloakroom in between we have a range of products to suit.

At Probe Lockers Ltd, we understand the importance of office lockers and their role in safeguarding the personal property of users who store their belongings in them. All office lockers supplied by Probe Lockers Ltd are made using high grade steel that can withstand the rigours of a busy environment and provide protection against theft and vandalism.

The team at Probe Lockers Ltd understands that need of every client is different and we can advise on the range of locker types and sizes to provide you with the right locker solution.

All office lockers are supplied with a range of additional locker features such as integral air vents, standard micro sprung locks, 5 knuckle hinges, welded front frames and internal door strengtheners. There is also an extensive range of optional lock types to choose from including, coin return and coin retain locks, standard three and four digit combination locks and also and digital combination locks.

In addition to the security features, all lockers benefit from an “Activecoat” antibacterial coating which is effective against MRSA and other harmful bacteria and is available in all Probe colours.

Contact us today to find out about the various types of metal lockers we have available.