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Probe Storage Lockers


When it comes to lockers, Probe Lockers Ltd is recognized as one of the leading suppliers of storage lockers for a broad range of uses. With a wealth of experience in the supply and installation of lockers we offer a wide range of products to suit both our client’s needs and also their budgets.

Probe Lockers Ltd specialise in the supply of a varied range of storage lockers to meet the needs of our customers. We offer lockers manufactured from a range of materials including steel, wood, plastic and composite materials and as such we can provide lockers for most environments.

Customers are always looking for the best value for money when buying any equipment and in the storage locker market, there are a many suppliers who provide low cost lockers that have been compromised on construction and material quality.  At Probe Lockers Ltd we ensure the use the highest quality materials, manufactured in the UK to the highest standards whilst still offering the most competitive prices available in the market today.

Whether you are looking for storage lockers to keep your valuable items at home or personal belongings at school, offices, health clubs and fitness centre’s, we have the right locker for your needs.

Our customers include food factories, banks, commercial organisation in both the manufacturing and office environments, schools, sports clubs and hospitals to name a few. Our varied range includes steel metal lockers, sports facility lockers, wooden lockers, steel lockers, medical lockers, laminate lockers, sports lockers and golf lockers.

If you are buying for a school, factory, leisure complex, supermarket, high street store, retail outlet, distribution centres, government bodies or a hospital then Probe Lockers Ltd has the locker solution for you.