9 Ways In Which You Can Add Style to Your Office Lockers

A storage locker in an organization contributes to looking after a lot many things. They make efforts to look after the important files and folders, office supplies, personal protective equipment, belongings of the employees and many such things. Apart from providing a place for storage, they also make efforts to bring in law and order in the premises. In addition to this, a locker in the office premises, when designed favorably, helps in bringing out the style quotient of the organization.

How to get that style factor added to your office lockers? Let me walk you through some noted and favorable ways to uplift the glory of the lockers installed in the office premises. Read on to find about them.


9 Ways to add style to your office lockers :

1. Getting the company’s logo imprinted on it :

How about imprinting the company’s logo on the office lockers employees? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? It not only sounds interesting, but also looks interesting when the office lockers are personalized with the company’s logo on it. At the same time, take care not to overdo it otherwise you may end up with a mess or rather a locker that could distract the employee’s attention. Getting your company’s logo imprinted in moderate amount can add up to the style factor.

2. Color coding the lockers as per the company’s logo :

If you do not wish to make use of the logo then you can make use of colors that complement your company’s logo. This too will bring about a sense of personalization in the office premises. Having said this, color coding is another important and effective way to style office lockers for your employees.

3. Allowing employees to decorate as per their need :

Allowing your employees to decorate their respective lockers as per their need is yet another important way to add up to the style quotient. From colorful papers to decorative magnets to sticky notes; the employees have a bundle to explore when it comes to decorating. You can conduct competitions where the employees would be encouraged to decorate their respective lockers, making it lively and in style.

4. Keep cleaning and maintenance a top priority :

Logos, colors and decorative items should not be the only component, rather maintaining and cleaning the locker should be given utmost importance. A clean and well to do locker in itself is a style statement. Hence, efforts should be made to regularly clean the lockers and look after its maintenance. A neat and clean locker becomes one of the important factors in adding up to the style quotient.

5. Using vibrant colors :

Colors play an important role in bringing about a huge difference to the surroundings. You can very well choose colors that are vibrant or rather soothing to the eyes. Avoid opting for colors that are dull or faded as this might dim out an employee’s motivation. If you have a small premise you can make use of colors with soft tones to make the area look bigger. Having said this, you can play with colors when it comes to being creative yet stylish in nature. Also, make sure that you do not overdo anything as that might diminish the beauty of the surroundings.

6. Cutting down on unnecessary locker accessories :

A locker accessory is one of the important equipment that helps in increasing the functionality of a locker. The slope top panel, front and side basis, stackable organizers, magnetic storage boxes, diagonal locker divider, magnetic hooks, etc. are some of the examples of locker organizers that could be used to accentuate the locker’s functionalities. Be careful in selecting these accessories, lest you end up over-stuffing, which would eventually spoil the style of the locker. Before plunging into the ocean of locker accessories, list out the relevant and useful ones that perfectly complements the style that you are intending to emote.

7. Comfortable compartments :

Next in line is the number of compartments that a locker in the premises would be carrying. Cube lockers and stackable lockers could be very well considered if you are running out of space or looking for an option that does not eat up a lot of space. Do not overload the premises with lockers as this might fade out the beauty of the lockers. Make a thorough research on the number of employees who will be needing a locker and accordingly make investments.

8. Separate lockers for separate needs :

The market has a variety of lockers that cater to the different needs and requirements. If you wish to provide a place for storing only the cell phones, then it will be wise to invest in cell phone lockers and not the standard ones. This will not only help you in saving up space, but will also add up to the style factor. Cell phone lockers, Personal protective equipment locker or laptop lockers; each one of them has their own style that proves to be a fruitful choice.

9. The right material :

The right material is yet another important factor that helps in adding style to the storage lockers for your office premises. The glossy material will help in giving a lavish look to the premises, whereas wooden lockers will give a classic look. The metal and electronic lockers will help in giving a dapper look to the surrounding. Pick out the style that you wish to coat your office premises with.

Final Note :

The aforementioned are some of the basic yet favorable options when it comes to accelerating the style factor to the lockers for office use. Make sure that you do not leave out on the comfort and accessibility factor while chasing style. Having said this, when you put in a dash of style to the lockers in the office premises, you indirectly make way for a promising and enthusiastic work environment.

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