How to Customize The Best Lockers For Your Workplace?

Employee satisfaction is one of the main concerns that an organization would love to look into. When you have happy employees, the productivity factor gets an instant boost. Incentives, salary hikes, a token of appreciation, etc. are some of the elements that an organization uses to boost the morale of their employees. How about providing a personal space to all the employees? When employees are bestowed upon a storage locker of their own they become happy as they have a personal space of their own.

A locker in the office premises not only helps in providing a space for storage, but also plays an important role in bringing about a sense of discipline as well as cleanliness in the surroundings. The employees would no longer have to waste their time in searching for things that have been misplaced due to unavailability of proper storage space. Hence it would be a favorable choice to install storage lockers in the workplace.

Are you planning to get your workplace lockers customized as per your needs and requirements? Well, let me help you with a few points that should be kept in mind before you install the lockers.


9 Points to consider before you customize the best lockers for workplace :

1. Understanding your requirements :

Before you head towards getting a locker installed on the work premises, you have to be clear about your goals and requirements. Here requirements refer to the number of lockers that would be needed, the size of the locker, the place where the lockers will be installed, the type of material that you wish to choose and many such things needs to be defined well in advance. When you know what you are looking for, it will become easy for you to understand where you have to look and how to get it customized. Hence, the first step towards getting your lockers customized is to clear out your needs and expectations.

2. Deciding on the place where it will be installed :

Another important step in getting your lockers customized is to decide upon the place where it would be installed. This will help you in choosing the size of the lockers. If you are limited by space, you could very well consider going for the cube lockers that easily fits even in the tiniest of place. Apart from this, you also need to decide whether the employees are comfortable in accessing the lockers as it should not be too far from their workstations. As this might end up wasting their time in going to and fro. Hence get your lockers customized as per the space available.

3. A durable solution :

With an increase in the number of employees, security becomes a matter of concern. With a plethora of employees working in an organization, it becomes necessary to assure safety and security not only for them but also of their belongings. Hence, look for those locker options which can stand tall against theft and vandalism.

4. Coating it with the right colors :

Colors play a crucial role in uplifting an organization’s ambiance. They have the power to communicate. Bright colors can uplift the ambiance whereas dull colors can fade away the enthusiasm of the workers. Hence be wise enough to choose colors that bring out the best in the employees rather than washing out their enthusiasm. You can also go for colors that very well reflect your company’s logo. This helps in giving a touch of personalization to the lockers.

5. Getting the company’s logo printed on it :

When thinking of getting your lockers customized, how about trying to include the element of personalization in the workplace lockers? This includes getting the logo printed on each and every locker. This will help you to brand your lockers, giving a personalized look to the office premises. Also make sure that you do not overdo printing logos as this might give it a messy look, distracting the employee’s attention.

6. The type of lock that it should behold :

A workplace locker is accompanied by a variety of locks. Padlocks, electronic locks, card locks and coin locks are some of the examples of locks that a locker usually accompanies with it. Choose lockers that best compliments the employee’s convenience. At the same time be careful with choosing complicated lock options as that might not only prove to be difficult, but also can be a major reason for mismanagement of time among the employees.

7. The type of material that best suits the surroundings :

Metal, wood and plastic lockers are some of the locker materials that are seen on a majority basis. Take into consideration various factors before you finalize with your choice on the type of material that you wish to get your lockers customized into. If you are planning to install lockers at places that are prone to humidity, wooden lockers would be a choice that you would regret at a later stage. Metal and plastic lockers are an epitome of durability and convenience, whereas wooden lockers help to give a classic look to the place where it is installed. Hence, understand your surroundings and requirements before zeroing in on the choice.

8. A handful of locker accessories :

How about loading the workplace locker with the right accessories. Accessories are one of the important tools that help in accentuating the functionalities of the locker. The right locker accessories would significantly help in better space utilization. There are certain accessories that also help in decorating the lockers.

9. Different lockers addressing the different needs :

It would be a wise choice to get the lockers customized as per the different needs and requirements of the employees. How about getting a locker that looks after only the cell phones and other electronic items? These would store only electronic items. How about getting a locker that generously stores all the personal protective equipment? You can very well get your lockers customized addressing the different needs of the employees.

Final Note :

Employees have always contributed to the growth and development of the company. So why not provide a well-customized storage solution that addresses the needs of the employees? By following the above-mentioned points you will be able to make your workplace lockers a style statement. Moreover, it will help you in getting you the best storage lockers for workplace all customized as per your needs and requirements, making your employees happy and content.

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