Lost your locker keys? Get the replacement keys at your doorstep in 24 hours!

A Locker and the Key are the terms that are highly related to each other to the point that we cannot imagine locker without a key or a key without a locker. There is enormous amount of faith one keeps in locker by keying it and having the trust that the goods kept in it are safe and secured. The locker keys are an important item as much as the lockers are, because they are the very items that helps to operate a locker. 

Today, we often see lockers in every area and facility surrounding us, they provide a space whereby it helps to keep a person’s items in an organised way. Areas such as offices, homes, schools, libraries, institutions are the places where lockers are present in one form or the other.

Replacement keys! The best alternative…

Imagine, a scenario where you have reached your school library and you do not find your locker keys or you go to your office after a long holiday and the keys for your locker is missing. This scenario is definitely not welcomed, but they take place from time to time, that we are well aware of. So what does one do to come out of it, either they need to be extra careful or have an extra key in place or the last option is to get the Replacement Keys for Lockers.

The replacement keys as the name suggests are the keys that are used as a replacement to the original keys. Usually, people have duplicate keys for the original keys. If it’s an emergency, it is a sound decision to get replacement keys. The Probe lockers offers replacement keys within a time span of just 24 hours. It’s a fully secured process where in one can order replacement keys online and the key reaches you as early as possible.

Replacement Key, Key Features –

The lockers that are of a regular size or custom made, comes with unique features and locking systems so no two locks can have same key functioning. The locking systems are computer generated hence there is no danger of duplication as well. The numbers embossed on the keys helps to identify the keys and hence it becomes easier to generate duplicate keys.

Here are some of the unique features of Replacement Keys for Lockers –

  1. They are unique and original.

  2. The key number is embossed on the face of the lock.

  3. The number is 5-digit long.

Keys are one of the most important items when it comes to installation of the lockers. The unique locking system makes it even more desirable since it helps to keep the treasured items and save them for getting misplaced or getting stolen. Lockers are available in varied shapes, sizes and colours and can be custom-made according to the client’s requirements.

Replacement key or an alternative key?

Does it really make a difference to have one extra key set with you rather than hushing it up at the last moment. The alternative key is just like a replacement key, but one can well be secured by having the alternative key. Having a peace of mind is extremely important than facing the embarrassment of a lockout situation. It can lead to frustration and paves way for stress to enter in your life. The security locks with an original key and alternative key are a good thing to have, since duplicate keys are a great assistant to the misplaced keys.

One can have a spare key and keep it at a secured place where they think, it can be easily found and not forgotten. The alternative keys help people to save the time and embarrassment. Here are some of the advantages of having replacement key.

Benefits of having Replacement keys –

Just like the original keys, replacement keys are important since both of them serve the same purposes. The later one, serves even a larger purpose when the original key is lost. It is easy to get replacement keys in a time span of a day or less. These keys have numbers embossed on it so it is easier for the key manufacturers to extract the same key from their database.

  • Quick key replacement – The lockers are made up of hard metals that are difficult to break in and even the computerized lock system really gets it difficult to open the locker. A duplicate Replacement Keys for Lockers helps one have access in a shorter span of time.

  • Prevent the delay – Having a spare key is always a blessing, whether its ordered at the time of misplacement or stored at a safer place in the home. It avoids unnecessary delay for taking out things that you may have stored in the locker.

  • Saves money – Sometimes, when the original keys are misplaced or stolen, in the rage of panic a person may break-in the lock that again leads to repairing the lock later. Hence, replacement keys are the best solutions.

  • Gives peace of mind – When you have a replacement keys, it brings down much tension surrounding a person of not getting access to the lock. Replacement keys, gives an assurance that a person will get an access to his locker once again hence giving him a peace of mind.

Lockers are an important part and parcel of our lives, one cannot think of keeping their jewellery or important documents with utmost safety except the lockers. Lockers and the locker keys are vital to lead a tension-free life and get access immediately at the time of need.

The Probe Lockers in the UK offers an extensive range of storage solutions for every industry and office types. There are varied designs and styles to select from, which includes lockers, shelving cupboards, cloakroom equipment, mobile shelving, cabinets, library shelving, replacement keys, ultrabox plastic lockers and much more. These are custom designed to suit the requirements of the clients and help them have a clutter-free space.

Stop the Panic!

Now don’t get panic any more or have unnecessary stress of losing your locker keys. Order your replacement keys for any kind of circumstance whether the keys are stolen, or misplaced or forgotten somewhere. Probe Lockers provide utmost security and safety of your lockers by giving you the perfect keys for your lockers. Get the best reliability of using the lockers by locking them up with computerized secured locks.

The locker units ensure utmost security with the locker keys having a unique identification embossed on each of the key. These prints are life-long and hence they can be recalled for any kind of purposes like re-printing, generating a duplicate or making a new one. Order your replacement key, today!

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