Benefits of Laptop Lockers in Offices

In the age of the digital workplace, it’s important that your employees have a way to securely store their laptops when they are not using them. A laptop locker is a secure storage space for employees to leave their devices before and after work, or any time in between. Not only does this help ensure that your company’s confidential information stays secure if an employee leaves his or her device somewhere unsafe, but it also has several other benefits.  Here are our top benefits of having laptop locker in your office.

Ensure employee laptops stay safe

One of the biggest benefits of using a laptop locker is that it ensures employees keep their devices safe. If employees are constantly lugging their laptops around with them then they’re much more likely to get damaged or stolen. Laptop lockers can help solve this issue by giving employees a secure place to leave their devices.

Boost security with laptop lockers

A laptop locker can provide an added level of security. For example, locks can be added for employees to open their locker. This way, only the person who owns the locker can access it. This can go a long way in reducing security risks for several reasons. Laptops can contain sensitive information, such as customer data or proprietary company information. If an employee leaves their device in a public place, there’s a risk that someone could pick it up and access this information. By having employees leave their devices in a locked laptop locker, you can ensure that they stay safe while they aren’t in use. With Probe Lockers there are a wide variety of locking solutions available to suit your needs.

Laptop lockers

Reduce distractions

Another benefit of laptop lockers in office settings is that they can reduce distractions. By having a designated location for employees to store their devices, you can keep them out of sight when required. This can really help with reducing distractions, especially during times when employees need to focus on other work related things. Laptop lockers therefore encourage employees to use their devices productively, rather than using them to spend time on social media or other distracting websites.

Boost employee productivity

In addition to reducing distractions and increasing security, a laptop locker can also help boost employee productivity by making it easier to carry out certain tasks throughout the day. For example, you can install laptop lockers near meeting rooms for employees to leave their devices in while they are in meetings. This enables employees to simply leave their devices in the locker until the meeting is over. In addition, if you install powered laptop locker storage then staff can charge their devices when they are not in use, meaning devices will be fully charged for individuals to make full use of them.

Offer Storage for Electronic Files

Finally, you can offer some extra storage space in your laptop locker for employees to leave files that aren’t on their laptops. This can help employees store important files, such as documents from their personal or home computer. This can be especially helpful for employees who work from home and need a place to keep files that are too big to store on their laptop or an online file storage system. By providing this service, you can make it easier for employees to access important files while keeping them secure.

Finding the right office storage solution for you

A laptop locker can provide a number of benefits for offices. It can help ensure that employees keep their devices safe and away from distractions by giving employees a place to store them. In addition, it can boost employee productivity and reduce distractions where necessary. Overall, a laptop locker can help make your office more productive while also ensuring that employees are safe and comfortable.

Probe offer a comprehensive range of charging and storage lockers for a variety of smart devices, including laptops. If laptop lockers aren’t for you, Probe also offer a range of other office storage solutions. If you would like to find out more or discuss your requirements, please contact the team today by emailing

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