A Guide to Buying Metal Lockers for School

In a school environment, the availability of lockers offers both teachers and students an option to keep their books, stationery, study materials and valuable items in a safe and secure place. This reduces the chances of them losing or misplacing their belongings and also reduces the physical weight which they have to carry to and fro every day. Here are a few factors to take into consideration while deciding on which lockers to buy for your school:

Metal Lockers for Sale in UK

 Metal lockers for schools in the UK

While considering material you have choices between various types of wood, plastic and metal. Each has its pros and cons: While wood is more durable than plastic, it is susceptible to water damage. Wooden lockers are also likely to be more expensive and heavier than plastic or metal lockers.

Plastic lockers will be comparatively cheaper but might not be as sturdy as wooden or metal alternatives. Plastic lockers also offer the possibility of a wide range of colors.

 When it comes to lockers, metal is the most popular material. Metal lockers for schools in UK offer the most optimal balance between durability, cost and space.  However, like any material, it too needs regular maintenance and upkeep.


The design of your Metal locker will depend on various factors. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Who is using it

Lockers for children and lockers for teachers would vary. Teachers would need bigger lockers to store material from multiple classes. Also, teachers’ metal lockers might need to be extra secure as they would be used to store exam papers and other sensitive documents. Children’s metal locker would also differ based on age. Younger children would need smaller, perhaps more colorful lockers compared to older children. For middle-schoolers and high-schoolers durability would be an important factor.

  • Where is it being used

Lockers for books and study material would differ from lockers used to store sports equipment. Lockers also play an important role in teaching organization and discipline for younger children. Hence, the design of lockers would need to reflect such considerations as well.

  • Space management

Lockers are available as single units or combined units of 2 or 3. This is an important factor as it affects space management. You must also decide on the space each locker offers to the user.

 Type of locks

Metal lockers for schools in the UK has various types of locking mechanisms:

  • Padlock Type lock: This type of locks allows the user to use their own locks. However, it becomes difficult to access the locker if the key is lost.
  • Combination Locks: These are also external locks but they are comparatively a more expensive option and need to be configured by the management. This option mitigates the problem of lost keys and such but there still remains a need to maintain and oil the locks regularly to prevent mechanical failure.
  • Inbuilt locks: Inbuilt locks can be either combination or traditional key locks. This option might be more expensive than the others.

Pre-Assembled vs Self-Assembled

Most lockers come pre-assembled; you just need to install them in the correct places. However, metal lockers can also be bought unassembled which you or your staff can assemble. This is a slightly cheaper option and might be a better idea if your order is not too large.

Making the Optimal Choice

Metal School Lockers are an essential part of a school’s infrastructure. A one size fits all approach might not always be optimal while investing in locker facilities for your institute. These aforementioned points will help you make the best choice for both your students and your teachers.

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