Top features of Laptop Storage Lockers

Gone are the days when students would carry multiple books and notebooks, to their academic institution, or when employees needed to carry a stack of files to the office. Nowadays, when most information can be stored digitally, office goers and students alike, carry their laptop with them. This not only reduces the load on their shoulders but only helps them have all their materials available readily at their school or college or office.

This is where, as an office or educational institute, you need to think of providing the right kind of laptop storage locker on the premises.

In this post, we shall talk about why you need to think of investing in laptop storage lockers and the key features you must look out for while buying them.

Lockers for Laptop Storage- A Solution to a Critical Problem

 As laptops have started to replace books, notebooks and folders, a new problem has come to light. The issue of security. The issue of security revolves mainly around 2 points:

  • Cost of a laptop:
    • Laptops are usually worth way more than a person would spend on books, notebooks and stationery items combined in a few years.
    • Not everyone can afford to buy a laptop immediately after they lose one.
  • Value of the data stored in a laptop:
    • At times it’s not about the cost of a laptop but more about the importance of the data stored in it.
    • Like, researchers and employees who have their life’s worth of data stored in their laptops are more likely to value the data more than the laptop itself.

One of the most convenient solutions are lockers specifically designed to hold laptops. They also come with the option to include charging ports to charge the laptops while storing. Neat right?

Must-have Features of Laptop Storage Lockers

A laptop storage locker should not only help to secure your laptop but should also be spacious enough also hold other small valuables. So here are some of the top features a laptop storage locker should include:

  • Sturdy construction of locker is a must to protect the valuables from attempted thefts or forced openings of the compartments:
    • The frame must be made from metal, preferably steel( as steel doesn’t rust).
    • The hinges must be well-built to last a life-time with daily use.
  • The compartments should be at least:
    • 40cm deep
    • 35cm broad
    • 10cm in height

These specifications will ensure that:

  • The compartments can hold almost all laptops irrespective of their size.
  • The compartments will have room left for storage of other smaller valuables like smartphones, wallets and tablets, after a laptop is put in.
  • There should be an option to include charging sockets in each compartment with the following specifications:
    • 240V power supply.
    • 3 pin-socket.
    • The charging units must be CE marked.
  • A single tower should be large enough to hold at least 10 compartments.
  • There should be a range of colours and styles available to suit the design requirements of the client.
  • The compartments should be secured by scratch-resistant lock covers.
  • There should be an option to number each lock cover for easier identification.
  • A wide variety of locking options should be available to fit the demands of the clients.
  • A perforated panel should be present at the back of each compartment to help with heat dissipation.
  • All the charging ports should be located at the back of the compartment.
  • The lockers should be preferably coated with Activecoat( a world-class anti-bacterial coating) to prevent bacterial growth when not in use for a long time( like during holidays).

Additional Desirable Features:

  • Manufacturer warranty against any damages and a prompt response from the manufacturer in case of any issue.
  • Availability of free delivery services( at least in case of bulk orders).
  • Availability of free installation services.
  • There should be an option to include a master key for the locks in case someone loses the key to their compartment.

Laptop Lockers are a necessity these days for the convenience of employees and students as they can also help to secure other valuables like smartphones, tablets and wallets apart from laptops. This facilitates students and workers to walk into their academic institution or office empty-handed as all they need is safely secured inside their respective lockers.

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