6 Features of Smart Office Lockers

Technology is making a way in every aspect of life, including storage devices. Offices and residences are becoming smart with connected and wireless devices. Everything from the doors to the ACs has become wise. Offices lockers are an important part of the space and have been touched by this growing technology integration like every other element. Smart office lockers offer a lot of conveniences and advantages. Here are its features to give you a fair idea about them.


1. Access through access card

This is one of the best benefits that you can get with smart office lockers. One card will serve all the purposes. No need to carry keys or remember pins. All you need to do is get the office lockers integrated with your access card, and you are good to go. 

2. Digital security

There are encrypted office locker systems available that offer high digital security. The cases of thefts are also significantly less. The system sends you the live usage data. You will come to know about any illegal usage. Breaking in is not accessible anymore. 

3. Self-service

Self-service is not only about management but also allocation. There is no need to connect with the administration to get a locker for yourself. You can find out the empty locker and get them allocated in your name. Digital office lockers are beneficial for the employee as well as the employer. 

4. Cost- and time-efficient

Digital office lockers substantially reduce the management team’s involvement, which decreases the overall cost of handling and managing them. Also, in the manual process many lockers may stay unallocated for some time which is a complete waste of resources. With smart lockers, the status of the locker can be immediately viewed and it can be allocated to anyone without delay. Besides the cost, these lockers have proven their worth in time efficiency as well. Employees do not need to waste their time in locker allocation and related activities such as retrieving keys and passwords. These lockers are a modern and future-ready solution for every office. 

5. Analytics support

Digital office lockers come with a complete analytics office suite. This analytics feature gives you all the information and live updates about the usage of the lockers. The live data feed keeps the user informed and relaxed about their belongings. 

6. Optimum space utilization

Smart office lockers provide you with the options to get lockers of the required size. This means that the available space in the lockers can be utilized efficiently. Moreover, these lockers give the option to reduce the locker size which leaves extra space to be used by others.

Smart lockers are an excellent option for offices. However, there are many other types of office lockers that also serve the purpose. We are one of the largest manufacturers of lockers and other storage units. You can visit our website to explore the collection. Shop today to get the best quality lockers for your office.

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