Types of storage lockers

Whether you need to stack up your old things to make some space or need personal space to organize things, storage lockers serve every purpose. You would always need storage lockers. Self-storage is very trending, and self-storage facilities provide different options to satiate different types of customers’ demands. Storage lockers are easy to find, which can confuse you at times. Going by any storage facility whose name pops up during your search may not be a wise move. It is better to know the types of storage lockers, their use, and then your need. Charges of these lockers vary and depend upon their type. The safe with tight security may cost very high than the lockers where you can dump the rarely used materials. It would be wise to calculate the expenditure before renting a storage facility.


Let us take a look a find out the type of storage lockers.

  1. Indoor storage

As the name suggests, these storage lockers are located inside a building, and you need to enter the premises of the building to access them. These storage facilities are of different sizes, and you can store anything. You can even find help and assistance to place your belongings. You can store delicate and temperature-sensitive material here as these storage lockers provide climate control. Of course, they will cost you higher than other types, but they are best suited for material that demands proper handling. Estimating your budget will be a better approach towards renting indoor lockers. On the other hand, protecting your belonging is always the priority, and paying a few bucks more may not be a big deal.

  1. Outdoor storage

Outdoor storage lockers are used for items that are used outdoor. People use these spaces to store dirt bikes, tractors, and other vehicles that do not fit their homes. These storage lockers are very simple in construction, and you may find different units partitioned only by a mesh wire.

  1. Mobile Storage

Mobile storage lockers are generally rented for a short period. Sometimes you may need extra space in situations such as the painting of the house. You would need some space where you can safely keep your belongings until the painting work finishes. The storage company can come to your home to collect the mobile storage facility and store the things at the main facility. Many a time, you are allowed to keep the locker with you.

  1. Drive-up storage

You can very well understand from the name that you can always drive into them. These drive-up storage lockers come in a variety of depth, height, and width. You can select the storage according to the requirement. These facilities are structurally like garages where you can park vehicles and keep larger things like them. However, the level of accessibility of the storage lies with the management. They are easy to access, and you can store items or take them by driving through the facility.

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