A Guide To Purchase Laptop Lockers

Laptops have permeated through every industry and domain, including education and designing. From meetings to school lectures, we need it everywhere. Its importance does not only lie in its purpose but also in cost. It is an expensive product and is getting costlier day by day with scientific advancements. With every added feature, the cost of the laptop increases. Also, it is a fragile product that needs to be handled with a lot of care. To conclude, we need a safe space that keeps the laptop safe from everything. This is where the laptop lockers come into the picture.

Laptop lockers

Laptop lockers are specifically designed to protect laptops and have intelligent control systems integrated into them. You can find different types of laptop lockers developed for different types of laptops in the market. The large variety of these lockers can confuse you. So, you should have some prior knowledge about laptop lockers ahead of your purchase. Here are some pointers to help you make a better decision while purchasing a laptop locker.

  • Decide user authentication type

Laptop lockers come with varied user authentication methods: PIN codes, mobile phone authentication, fingerprint authentication, or biometric access. With cyber-attacks being more advanced, people look for more advanced and secure authentication methods. Of course, everything comes at a price. You need to evaluate authentication methods according to your budget. It would help if you also considered the scope of up-gradation. Identify the short and long-term goals. If you think you might need a different type of authentication in coming years, check with the provider if your laptop locker supports both modes.

  • Ensure presence of internal surveillance

Laptop lockers come with content surveillance inside them which keeps a check on the submitted item. Things such as wireless RFID tags are attached to the device. While taking out the laptop, the content surveillance equipment verifies the RFID tag to ensure that the product taken out is precisely the one that was submitted. In case of a mismatch, the supervisor of the laptop lockers is alerted. There are also smart lockers available in the market that create a transaction logging history. Internal surveillance will help you keep track of the laptop return and every other detail related to your laptop stored in the locker.

  • Choose the locker with the right modular design

Even if you get your hands on the most secure laptop locker, there is an important aspect that cannot be overlooked: its placement. Modular laptop lockers are best to go for as they are assembled compartment-wise. They can fit into any designated space. Keep the floor plan in your mind before purchasing the laptop locker.

  • Check the available electronic device support

This is very important. There should be essential support such as a charging point or ventilation. Ask the vendor about the laptop lockers equipped with all this electronic support. There are more advanced laptop lockers available in the market. You need to identify your requirements and then your budget.

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